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Hearing Aid Service & Care Plans in Hawaii

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At Family Hearing Aid Center, we provide the best in hearing aid service and care plans. Specifically, all of our hearing aids in Hawaii come with FREE Lifetime checkups and adjustment.

FREE Lifetime Service

Each service plan includes a free appointment every three months. Lifetime service is important because even the best hearing devices can’t perform optimally without periodic care.

Break-in Period

Hearing aid service plans begin during the break-in period when a user’s brain get used to hearing aids. Both ears and brains require a period of adaptation. That’s because they typically haven’t received much audio information in a long time. The ability to adapt varies among users.

Service appointments with our Specialists in Hawaii adjust hearing on a customized basis depending upon a user’s ability to adapt. During the break-in period, we check for fit, adjust hearing devices and address any concerns.

On-Going Hearing Aid Service

Our Listening & Auditory Communication Enhancement (“LACE”) Program is like physical therapy for your ears. LACE is included in every hearing aid service plan and is part of follow up visits as is cerumen (ear wax) management, hearing aid testing, and adjustment.

Our commitment is to provide the best quality hearing aids in Hawaii. This means a high level of service that keeps your instruments at top performance. Quality hearing means quality of life. That’s we don’t skimp on our commitment to offer the best.

Call Family Hearing Aid Center at (808) 201-4649 to schedule your free consultation today.

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