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Aural Rehabilitation in Hawaii

The Best Hearing Aid Service & Care Plans

At Family Hearing Aid Center we know that hearing aids alone can’t correct your hearing loss, aural rehabilitation therapy may be for you. Also called auditory rehabilitation therapy, this includes a number of processes available to improve perception skills, such as:

  • Strategic Listening: Using contextual cues and other strategies to perceive others’ communications better.
  • Speech Reading: Understanding a speaker by watching mouth movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures.
  • Auditory Training: Sensing vibration to understand words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Unisensory Perception: Developing above normal senses when other senses have been lost. For example, loss of hearing may lead to an above-average ability to sense vibrations.
  • Cued Speech: Using hand gestures or facial movements to supplement communications.
  • Total Communication: Using multiple skills to render and perceive communications.
  • Manual Communication: Using finger-spelling and sign language boards.

Aural Rehabilitation for Advance Hearing Loss

If you suffer severe hearing loss, visit our Specialists in Hawaii to see whether aural rehabilitation therapy can help.

Family Hearing Aid Center offers the best service and care plans for your hearing aids in Hawaii. Call (808) 201-4649 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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