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Invisible Hearing Aids

Primax™ Invisible Hearing Aids in Hawaii

Discover the Difference Our Specialists in Hawaii Can Make

primax invisible hearing aids are completely-in-canal (CIC) instruments that offer the best in sound quality. CIC hearing aids are designed to fit inside the ear canal and depending upon how large a user’s ear canal is, a CIC hearing aid can be entirely invisible. You can wear CIC hearing aids by day and remove them at night.

Directional Microphone Technology

primax™ CIC Invisible Hearing Aids by Seimens is the first and only Directional CIC Hearing Aid. No other CIC performs as well as Binax™. They are also so small that it’s invisible for most users.

Consider these points:

  • Outperforms normal hearing: This technology is so advanced that it can even outperform normal hearing.
  • Automatically “zooms in”: Direction microphone technology highlights key speech to stand out from background noise.
  • Connect to computing devices: primax™ CIC hearing aids can be wirelessly connected to and controlled via iPhone® or Android™ devices.
  • Winner of the Gold Edison Award: Recognized for innovation in hearing technology.

How Invisible Hearing Aids Work

primax™ uses in-canal Narrow Directional Microphone Technology to make hearing better than ever before. The results can be better than normal hearing even in the most challenging circumstances like noisy restaurants and cocktail parties. This is accomplished through a microphone technology that actively focuses on speech and sounds depending upon environmental circumstances.

primax™ Narrow Directionality Technology adjusts by itself to make hearing adjustments hassle-free. You also need not worry about adjustment technology using up your hearing aid battery life as the technology has very little impact on battery consumption.

Performance Study: 25% Speech Comprehension Improvement

Independent studies conducted by the University of Northern Colorado and at Oldenburg Hörzentrum in Germany and demonstrated that primax™ improved the Speech Reception Thresholds, or SRT, in party setting by up to 2.9 decibels for those who have moderate to mild loss of hearing compared with people individuals with normal hearing (p<0.01). This means more than 25% improvement in comprehension.

To learn if primax™ is right for you, contact our Specialists in Hawaii for an initial consultation. Family Hearing Aid Center can also be reached by calling (808) 201-4649.

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