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Why Choose Family Hearing Aid Center?

Hawaii’s Best Hearing Aid & Audiology Center 12 Years in a Row!

Family Hearing Aid Center is set apart by our personal connection with all of our patients. We are an evidence practice that means we use independent verification for everything we do. We never depend on any manufacture’s software to tell us the fitting is correct, as their software can be misleading to make their product look good. For example, one of the tests we use is Free Field Word Discrimination Testing. That means when a patient comes in we use a calibrated word testing to see how much a patient understands words. We then after testing their hearing and making a recommendation put that hearing aid on them and rerun the test. We know exactly how much we have helped each patient improve word understanding. We test this in quiet and in noise.

Our staff are highly-educated and have fit more hearing aids than any other private practice in Hawaii. Our family owned and operated company offers virtually unlimited options and from various manufacturers, where most others have to sell only one line or brand.

Due to of our knowledge and access to different technologies, we have the expertise and experience to outperform, for the benefit of our patients After all, there is a good reason we have been voted Hawaii’s Best 12 years in a row by our patients.

Call Family Hearing Aid Center at (808) 201-4649 to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Dedicated to Continuing & Excellent Service

Our Specialists in Hawaii track every patient’s word understanding level using our Free Field Testing and we know what hearing aid will actually improve our patient’s word understanding the most. With our knowledge and recommendation, and based on the patient’s hearing loss, we improve our patient’s word understanding over 100% on average over other hearing aids. We prove this with every patient.

We see our patients every three months, where we check and clean their ears, clean, service and dehumidify their hearing aids, and make adjustments and do retesting for changing hearing and making adjustments to their prescription. We do this for the lifetime of their hearing aids and it’s all included in the original price.

The Best Hearing Aids in Hawaii

At Family Hearing Aid Center, we’re very proud to be among Hawaii’s best Specialists. Our commitment to excellence includes the following:

  • Service for life of device
  • Cleaning & maintenance appointment every 3 months
  • Ear wax management & cleaning
  • Unlimited adjustment & troubleshooting
  • In-office services
  • Real ear verification
  • Free field testing
  • Retesting
  • Loaner hearing aids when your hearing aid is out for repair
  • Loyalty program
  • Saturday appointments (Honolulu & Pearl City)
  • Communication and reports to your primary care physician
  • Financing
  • Batteries for 1-5 years or more
  • Access to all 7 locations
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Full time customer service representatives
  • Free and fully paid parking validation

Our Role in Our Patient’s Care

Our Hawaiian Specialists’ roles are educating patients to the difference in hearing aids and in care. Hearing aids cost so much because the care is bundled in the price. This is where we excel because we know that any hearing aid in Hawaii after three months will deteriorate in sound quality due to moisture and if the ear itself isn’t cleaned properly it gets worse.

We also want patients to know about dementia and Alzheimer’s and how correcting a hearing loss can help prevent these serious issues from getting worse. Helping patients understand how keeping the brain stimulated with sound helps the mental and cognitive abilities of the brain.

By being personally invested in all of our patients, they can rest easier knows that they have a team of skilled and Board Certified Specialist in Hawaii on their side. Call (808) 201-4649 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.