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    • 29 AUG 13
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    Two Minute Self-Check Hearing Test

    The Word List: Keep, Seat, Feet, Teach and Cheat. Follow these steps Please read the 5 words so you are familiar with the words. Give the list of words to someone and ask them to repeat the words to you in any random order. NOW: Turn your back to the presenter. (Don’t just close your eyes because when you’re not

    • 29 AUG 13
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    Alzheimer’s & Dementia What can cause it?

    Hearing loss is associated with developing Alzheimer’s & Dementia. The risk increases the worse hearing loss gets. Here’s how: Hearing loss accelerates brain atrophy where sounds are processed. The effort needed to comprehend speech increases. As hearing declines, efforts to comprehend can’t keep up. The brain can’t discriminate between words. Eventually, the brain forgets those words exist,